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This ones a little bit like Castaway meets Titanic but on the whole a very enjoyable experience.

The movie stars Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence as Jim Preston and Aurora Lane respectively. The movie is about a space expedition to a planet called Homestead II a journey that takes 120 years and on board the spaceship Avalon is 5,000 colonists who are going to inhabit the planet. The colonists are all in hibernation pods so will hibernate through the majority of the journey however due to unforeseen circumstances one colonist Jim Preston is awoken 90 years to early. As everyone is still in hibernation Jim spends a year on his own in the ship except for an android bartender (Michael Sheen). I don’t want to say too much more as I’d hate to ruin the movie for you but for the first half an hour or so it is almost a clone of Castaway starring Tom Hanks the only difference being is that movie is set on a remote island where this is set in a spaceship and for me is one of the stronger parts of the movie.

Chris Pratt is a great actor, I really am a big fan of his and it’s nice to see him doing so well these days, after playing bit part roles in movies such as Her, Take me home tonight and The five year engagement it’s good to see him being pushed into the forefront of movies as the star. Jennifer Lawrence also plays a good part in the movie and even though it’s a small cast it’s a very strong one. There’s only six actors in the entire film but with a cast the features the three I’ve already mentioned plus Laurence Fishburne, Andy Garcia and Aurora Perrineau you know at the very least the acting not going to let this one down.

The story is intriguing and entertaining but does sadly lose its way a little bit towards the end and does become a tad unrealistic. It almost seemed like the writers had a great concept to start off with but didn’t know to finish the story off so it became a little jumbled. That’s not to say that the story doesn’t have a satisfying conclusion however because at the end I still came out of the movie having thoroughly enjoyed it. I know the premise is somewhat unbelievable anyway but you can imagine colonization of planets happening in future years as we progress further and further with technology and our understanding of the universe where as some of the scenes towards the end of the film are just too unrealistic for you to accept without thinking ‘there’s no way that would happen’. I also did find myself guessing what was going to happen next a few times which is also a little bit of a shame.

I must say though the visuals are spectacular and as it set in space it gives it a science fiction twist that makes it all that entertaining. This movie really does have something for everyone as it has action, a little bit of comedy, romance and drama so I can see a lot of people enjoying this one.

So all in all passengers is a good movie that I’d definitely recommend to watch. Pratt, Lawrence and the rest of the cast are fantastic but this one is sadly let down by being a bit too unrealistic and a story that on some occasions is a little too predictable.



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I have to be honest when I saw this movie for the first time recently I didn’t think I’d be writing this review but over time I felt compelled to give my thoughts on it. While on holiday a few weeks ago with my parents and my fiancé we walked past a bar that was called ‘The Highlander Bar’ with the tag line underneath ‘There can be only one’. I knew Highlander was a movie and I turned to my dad and said Id never seen that film in which he chuckled and then started to tell me about it. After listening to his explanation I thought it was something I needed to see so ordered it online and when I got home it was sat on my door step waiting for me.

The movie stars Christopher Lambert as Connor Macleod an immortal who was born in Glenfinnan, near the shores of Loch Shiel, Scotland in the 16th Century and Sean Connery as Juan Sanchez-Lobos Ramirez also an immortal from Egypt who becomes a mentor and friend of Conner. Clancy Brown as The Kurgan an evil immortal who wants to kill all remaining immortals so he can claim the ultimate prize. Also appearing is Roxanne Hart as Brenda Wyatt a forensic investigator looking into a series of beheadings in New York and Beatie Edney as Heather Macleod Conner’s second wife.

The storyline basically is there are many of these immortals who live around the world and will live forever. The only way they can be killed is by being beheaded as they battle with one another until only a few remain and which point they all feel an uncontrollable urge to meet and battle for the ultimate prize, this is what is known as ‘The Gathering’ when they’ve have all fought and only one remains they will receive the ultimate prize because in the end…..’There can be only one!’ (like what I did there).

Ok, I’ll start positive the story is interesting and the actions scenes are entertaining if not a little over the top, this movie is a classic and rightly so as the concept is very good even if the execution isn’t great. Christopher Lambert does a good enough job in carrying the film except for one obvious negative that I will elaborate more in the negative section. One massive plus point that I must mention though is the sound track by Queen, it is simply fantastic and if you’ve haven’t heard ‘Princes of the universe’ or ‘Who wants to live forever’ then I definitely recommend going to listen to them both as there both a great piece of music. I cannot speak highly enough of the soundtrack and can’t think of any other movie that gets any where near the quality of Highlander in the department.

Ok to the negative and for a start Christopher Lambert’s attempt at a Scottish accent is pretty awful in this movie but amazingly it isn’t half as bad as Sean Connery’s attempt at an Egyptian/Spanish accent. Neither of them sound convincing and it does make parts of the movie quite laughable. The start of the film doesn’t make any sense as we have Conner Macleod in a car park fighting a man who just keeps doing a series of backflips until Conner defeats him at which point lighting bolts appear and Conner is elevated while screaming. We later find out this is ‘The Quickening’ but until Ramirez arrives to explain about halfway through the film this the audience is left clueless to what’s going on. Also this ultimate prize they speak of no one ever really explains what it is, its sort of explained briefly but most of the times its just referred to as the ultimate prize.

But I once heard that you like someone for their perfections but love someone for their imperfections and that’s exactly how I feel about this film. It is a lot of fun and if you want to be entertained and have a laugh at the same time then this a great movie to throw on. Me and my dad watched this together recently and had a great time watching it and I’m happy to say this has definitely achieved a special status in my heart as one of those films that’s bad but brilliant at the same time along with films like Kickboxer, Starship Troopers 3 and Judge Dredd (the original with Sylvester Stallone).

So they’re maybe better movies out there but if you want an action film with a bit of unintentional comedy and a fantastic soundtrack then………. ‘There can be only one!’ (I couldn’t resist).

The reviewer in me would give this a 6/10 but the movie fan in me gives this one a definite 10/10.


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