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Image courtesy of The Magnificent Seven Movie

I was too young to remember or watch the original The Magnificent Seven TV series or the movie so I didn’t have much expectations going into this one in terms of source material but when a movie is directed by Antoine Faqua director of such films as Training day, Southpaw and The Equalizer all movies that I loved and has a cast like this one I mean a cast includes Denzel Washington, Chris Pratt, Ethan Hawke, Vincent D’Onofrio and Peter Sarsgaard you can’t help but have high hopes.

However sadly his one doesn’t live up to those high hopes or early promise which is a real shame as I love westerns, one of the greatest I’ve ever seen is Open Range starring Kevin Costner and Robert Duvall (if you haven’t seen it watch it, it’s brilliant). However this one just doesn’t match up unfortunately.

The film starts with Sargaard’s character Bartholomew Bogue a corrupt industrialist who takes control of mining town Rose Creek and slaughters all who stand up to him, in their desperation they hire warrant officer Sam Chisolm (Denzel Washington) who agrees to help them and drive Bogie out of the town. He enlists the help of Joshua Faraday (Chris Pine), Goodnight Robicheaux (Ethan Hawke), Jack Horne (Vincent D’Onofrio), Billy Rocks (Byung-hun Lee), Vaquez (Manuel Garcia-Ruflo) and Red Harvest (Martin Sensmeier).

There are a few highlights like I’ve mentioned the cast is fantastic and some of the shootout scenes are very good but that’s it to be honest there’s not much more to mention positive wise.

Moving onto the negatives (and there are quite a lot) my main problem with the film is its just so boring, it was a real struggle to finish this one because it just drags on and on with no real end in sight. The cast is massively underutilised, after assembling such a strong cast I’m amazed the screenplay is so weak, something I’ve mentioned so many times in movie reviews is you have to build empathy for the characters so when they are in jeopardy the audience really cares, this movies fails to do that however so when the big shootouts start to happen your not really too bothered about any of the characters even in the scenes when your really supposed to. One final point is Ethan Hawkes character Robicheaux, I don’t know what was going on here, his character makes no sense I don’t want to elaborate too much as I don’t want to ruin the film for you but there isn’t really a character here it almost feels like he was given a storyline just to give Ethan Hawke something to do in the movie.

So to summarize The Magnificent Seven is a boring film that unfortunately really doesn’t live up to the hype or doesn’t do a movie with all this talent on show justice. Id give it a miss personally and wait for it to be released on TV.



Image courtesy of Kong: Skull Island

So in 2014 we had Godzilla (we’ll have a sequel in 2019), Skull Island releasing this year before we have a Godzilla vs Kong Movie in 2020. Yes they’re going all Marvel/DC shared universe with this franchise as well.
Anyway its 2017 and the year of Kong: Skull Island so Lets get on with reviewing this movie.

The movie stars Samuel L Jackson as Lieutenant Colonel Preston Packard, Tom Hiddleston as James Conrad, John Goodman as William ‘Bill’ Randa, Brie Larson as Mason Weaver, Jing Tian as San Lin, Corey Hawkins as Houston Brooks and John C. Reilly as Hank Marlow.

A expedition team escorted by military personnel heads to an uncharted island named Skull Island but after they arrive and start to drop special seismic explosives to determine whether the ground beneath the ground is hollow things start to go wrong.

I’m going to start with the negative, I really enjoyed this movie but there are a few things that really annoyed me. The fist thing I have to mention is Samuel Jackson’s character Lieutenant Colonel Preston Packard. What’s going on here? Firstly he constantly contradicts himself, one minute he’s happy to send his men into practically a hurricane in helicopters risking their lives for no real reason then the next minutes he’s professing about how much he cares about his troops. He spends most of the movie trying to look as serious as he can while spouting out lines a tough guy would say while making bad decision after bad decision. The fact that they had such a legendary actor as Samuel L Jackson and then give him such a weak role in the movie is a real shame. Secondly this movie has gaping plot holes that I’m amazed made it into the final script, it almost seemed like the some scenes with the humans were there just made to string the action scenes together with Kong in. Another issue I had was with the introduction of Tom Hiddleston’s character James Conrad’s into the movie, basically Bill and Houston walk into a bar James is playing pool before getting into a bar fight, he then beats two men up at which point Bill turns to Houston and says ‘he seems like a guy worth talking to’. Really Bill? is that it? No check of his expertise or anything like that? Just, he seems like a tough guy lets hire him as our Hunter-tracker. Luckily James is a British Special Air Service Captain so is more than qualified which is convenient that they just so happen to stumble across him. My final issue is in one scene a character is surrounded by poison gas so he puts on a gas mask but then while he is still stuck in the middle of the gas cloud he then takes it off again, why he does that I have no idea. But obviously he’s become immune to the gas because he doesn’t cough, choke or anything just happily runs through the gas and makes it safely on the other side.

Anyway by now Id have probably given you the impression that I didn’t like the movie but I actually did because a movie like this I about one thing, Kong and thankfully the movie nails that aspect superbly. I like the way you don’t have to wait and wait for Kong to appear like you did with Godzilla. Kong is at the forefront of the move pretty much straight away and some of the action scenes are superb. I like how the movie is set in the 1970s and has the music and style of a film set in that era. We went and saw this movie in IMAX 3D which Id definitely recommend as the movie makes good use of the technology, the CGI is brilliant. Besides the issues I’ve already stated I thought the majority of the cast did a good job, I really like Tom Hiddleston in the movie and I think he would make a good James Bond if he is eventually cast even if he wouldn’t be my first choice. Brie Larson also does a great job as well as John C. Reilly and I really like how the military is in this film. In a movie like this it can sometimes feel like the entire story is about the monsters, and the humans in the story are just along for the ride and are really there because we cant have Kong and other monsters fight for 90 minutes but besides a few scenes mentioned in my negative section I like how the humans are intertwined into the films story.

So to summarize even though there are a lot of plot holes and questionable at best decision making by some of the human characters, if you ignore that side and just enjoy the action then you’ll have a great time with this one. I would definitely recommend that you go and see this in IMAX 3D as it does really use the format well as I stated earlier. So roll on 2020 when we have a real monster match up that hopefully will be a real cinema event.



Image courtesy of Fist Fight Movie

When I heared that a movie starring Ice Cube and Charlie Day was in production. I guessed what sort of characters both of the stars would play as they both seem to be typecast into certain roles. I guessed Ice Cube would be playing the tough strong angry guy and Charlie Day would be playing the weak polite guy. Well if you thought this movie was going to be any different then you’d be wrong. Both actors play pretty much the same character they do in most of their movies. I’m not saying that’s necessarily a bad thing though, too many times actors have tried to go outside their comfort zone and it hasn’t worked out, so to see both guys sticking to what they know best is a positive in my opinion.

As I stated earlier the film stars Ice Cube as Ron Strickland, Charlie Day as Andy Campbell, Tracy Morgan as Coach Crawford and Jillian Bell as counsellor Holly. Its the last day of school before the summer. Ron and Andy are both teachers and after Andy manages to get Ron fired Ron forces Andy to agree to a fist fight at the end of school that day.

The movie does start really well and I was presently surprised for the first twenty minutes or so as it has quite a few laughs in these early stages and sets the story up well, don’t get me wrong its not laugh out load funny but it definitely made me chuckle. I like Ice Cube in this movie, which shocked me a little as I have to confess I’m not his biggest fan, I don’t think he offers much in terms of acting ability but he was perfect for this role and his performance as well as Tracy Morgan’s are two of the highlights in this movie.

Unfortunately though after the twenty minutes or so are up this film changes and took a nose dive both in entertainment and in my review’s final score, Ice Cube’s Ron Strickland all but disappears after the openeing stages and we’re left to pretty much focus on Day’s Andy Campbell who I have to be honest I found more annoying as the film went on. Also the funny jokes seem to cease as well, some people may find the jokes funny but I unfortunately didn’t and the middle of the movie really starts to drag because of this. Some of the sub plots are boring and unnecessary. It felt to me some of these were in the movie not to entertain the fans but to extend the run time of the film so it lasts 90 minutes.

All in all Fist Fight is ok, I definitely wouldn’t recommend you rush out and see it. You’d be better off waiting to get it on blu-ray or even until its available on TV. Its not that funny and really drags in parts. I also found Day’s character really annoying towards the last half of the film, sadly this is one to miss.



image courtesy of Logan movie

Hugh Jackman has portrayed the character of James ‘Logan’ Howlett / Wolverine for over 17 years and I have to say I really respect him for that. People who know me well know I love comic book films but the only real draw back is most of the actors that portray the superheroes will only do a few films, presumably because they are concerned about being typecast. Thankfully this has never been an issue for Jackman as I remember watching him in an interview a few years ago where he basically said he was happy to portray the character as long as people wanted to see the movies and what a fantastic run it has been. I remember watching the first X men movie back in 2000 and I loved it, I thought the whole of the original trilogy was fantastic. Then came First class, Days of future past and Apocalypse and in my opinion it lost its way a little, its a series that is in drastic need of a re focus and they need to start making more movies like this one and Deadpool.
I also heard that Jackman took a pay cut to ensure this film was R rated (a 15 rating in the uk) and that’s once again something that should be applauded. Well after all this time as The Wolverine this is sadly the last time that Hugh Jackman will portray the character.

So Logan the third and Id presume final chapter in the Wolverine trilogy is directed by James Mangold (who also directed the prequel to this movie The Wolverine) and joining Jackman in the films cast is Patrick Stewart as Charles Xavier / Professor X, Richard E. Grant as Zander Rice, Boyd Holbrook as Donald Pierce, Stephen Merchant as Caliban and Dafne Keen as Laura / X-23.

The year is 2029 and mutants are on the brink of extinction as no new mutants have been born for the last 25 years. James ‘Logan’ Howlett has greatly aged and all but lost his healing power, he now works as a chauffeur and hustles prescription drugs and with the help of mutant Caliban he takes care of Charles Xavier who is suffering from a neurodegenerative disease. Logan and Charles soon finds themselves wrapped up in a chase however after agreeing to help Laura / X-23 an 11 year old girl who is being pursued by Donald Pierce.

Ill start off with the things I like, I really like that they decided to make this a more adult aimed film and they make sure you know it as well as the first twenty minutes of the movie are pretty gruesome, Logan is engaged in a fight and it doesn’t pull any punches. I thought the cast were fantastic and as they were no longer shackled with making the movie a 12A rating their performances thrive, you can tell this is the Wolverine movie that everyone involved wanted to make.
I also like how the movie looks at these characters after their careers as superheroes has come to an end, however I’ve grown up watching the X men saving the world and fighting endless amounts of bad guys so to see them in this sorry state of affairs is a little sad.

There was a few things I was a little disappointed with though, firstly at two hours and fifteen minutes I felt the movie dragged a little in stages and also some of Logan’s decision making is questionable at best. The final issue I had was there were a few plot holes in the film but I cant really elaborate on that as I don’t want to spoil the story for you.

So on the whole I thought Logan was a good movie that was brilliant in parts but sadly in my opinion didn’t really give Hugh Jackman the send off he deserves which is a real shame. I would of loved a Wolverine (being portrayed by Jackman) and Deadpool (being portrayed by Ryan Reynolds) team up movie but unfortunately now it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen.