My Journey with Mikey’s Movie World

I want to start this introduction by saying thank you. Thank you to everyone who has liked, shared, followed, subscribed, retweeted or in any other way supported Mikey’s Movie World. This page would be nothing without you all and by supporting our page your not just driving us forward your also driving the film industry forward as we do our best to support it.
Here is my journey with Mikey’s Movie World
Welcome to Mikey’s Movie World a page I started back in in March of 2016. Ive always been a huge movie fan, I think it had a lot to do with watching and loving movies from a young age. I remember when I got much older id stay up late with my dad and watch all the classisc Robocop, The Terminator, Aliens, Rambo, Rocky and many more. I also fell in love with all sorts of other movies as well Hitch, Pretty Woman, Titanic, The Dark Knight Trilogy you get the point, I love movies! I think I found them a form of escapism when I was going through a difficult time and its something thats stayed with me my entire life. As I’ve got older and I think the anxieties in life kick in I think movies have taken an even bigger role in my life, film characters give inspiration, someone to strive to be like and lead by there example. Films make us feel every range of emotion possible and like I said from a young age I’ve always loved movies and its a love affair that will last a life time.
So lets fast forward to March 2016 and im in my parents house complaining that in my opinion some critics have lost sight of what fans want to see as every movie I seem to enjoy gets very bad reviews so my mum came out with the immortal words “well if you think you can do better then why don’t you do it yourself?” That was it, Mikey’s Movie World was born.
I started off with written reviews, at the time my knowledge of technology in terms of cameras, uploading videos, podcasts and live streams etc was very limited so I thought that would be a good place to start, so I did. I reviewed pretty much every film I saw and put them up onto this very page. Id be happy if the review got 100 views as at the time the page wasn’t very popular and it remained like this all the way through 2016. Roll on 2017 and I was starting to get a little bit bored and I was giving up I only had 37 followers and the page wasn’t really going anywhere. This was until I had the idea of starting a podcast, a podcast I could chat about movies on and even possibly get guests from the movie industry.
So I did and invited anyone onto the show to chat about movies and episode 4 of the podcast is where it all changed and I realised that this could be something very exciting, I managed to get an interview with Hollywood actor Matthew Marsden, then Paul Shammasian and Keirston Wareing. The MMW podcast was born and thriving but I wanted to do more. I started to do video reviews, interviews, set visits, covering film festivals and im now proud to say that Mikey’s Movie World is something that I started from nothing.
Im proud to say we’ve interviewed people like Matthew Marsden, Paul Shammasian, Kierston Wareing, Craig Conway, Carl Gottlieb, Lisa Wilcox, Lisa London, Craig Fairbrass, Nigel Barber, Francesca Louise White, Kevin Mcdonagh, Dean Williams, Lee Page, Jason Rivers, Lucas Simpson, Luke Yankee, Joe Alves, Dawna Lee Heising, Rebecca Brook, Katie Fraser, Patrick Silke and many more!
Im proud we’ve covered events like The Birmingham Film Festival, Birmingham Horror Con, Mystic Highway filming, Edinburgh Film Festival ,Birmingham Music Awards and that MMW now has over 2,000 followers across all social media platforms and Website.
This journey has just begun however so follow us on our social media accounts and join us in our mission of putting British film making on the map and entertaining all of you
Finally from the bottom of my heart thank you to everyone who has supported, shared, followed, liked our posts and to all the people who have taken time out of their day to chat to us! Without you MMW would be nothing and our mission would be lost so once again thank you.
As always
Keep Moving Forward

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