Making Friends As The World Ends Film Review


Jon Pegg, a film maker I’ve had the pleasure to interview a few times now after his movie ‘The Quiet One’ a brilliantly told story which went on to win numerous awards at various film festivals.

It surprising to think that this isn’t his day job, Jon the owner of the Eastside Gym in Birmingham is a boxing trainer / manager who has guided the career of many fighters including Sam Eggington.

So this time we¬†have ‘Making Friends As The World Ends’ with a cast that includes Kia Pegg, Former WBC super middleweight champion Richie Woodhall, Keir Poutney, James Parsons, Corey Campbell, Amey Woodhall, Jenny Stokes, Louise Osborne, Charles Nicklin and Sindy Campbell

The film starts off with all the characters sat around a table in a safe house because the world as the title suggest is coming to an end. However the time has come for one person to venture outside of the safe house to explore and try and make contact with the outside world. Not surprisingly there are no volunteers so the group must come to a decision of who they elect be the one to go outside.

Firstly I want to talk about what I enjoyed about the film and in my opinion Jon Pegg, the team and the cast has done it again, with what id imagine was a shoe string budget and everyone there in their free time they’ve managed to carve out yet another interesting and engaging film.

It is filmed competently and I love how the film is so realistic, its not a brightly lit movie or a vast lavish set it’s just as it would be if this scenario were real, I also enjoyed how the film explores the lengths people would go to to save themselves from a dangerous situation and stay in the safe haven of the safe house.

The cast all do a very good job in portraying their respective characters there is a very good dynamic to the group and each character gets their own time to shine. I particularly enjoyed Richie Woodhalls’ and James Parsons’ performances as both characters have interesting story arcs and there are twists and turns along that may catch you off guard.

The other thing I must add is I enjoy the scope of the film because even though this is a very isolated story it sets up a larger world that could include many different characters with many different stories. There are comedic moments that act as good relief to the more serious parts of proceedings which adds a nice change of pace at the right moments.

Negative wise are things that are really out of the film makers control, due to budget constraints we don’t really venture outside of the safe house so don’t get to explore too much of what the cast is hiding from this however could be explored further in the sequel.

On the whole the I really enjoyed Making Friends As The World Ends and I think it thoroughly deserves the praise it is getting. Its so nice to see that with a group of people, some equipment and a lot of determination films like this can be made. I look forward to see what Jon and the team do next and hopefully in the future this film may have a sequel where we can explore this world a little more.

My Verdict: A MUST WATCH!!