Star Wars series The Mandalorian explained | What we know so far!


In this video I take a look at The Mandalorain, the new series set in the Star Wars universe thats coming to the Disney streaming platfrom.

I put a post about this the other day and not many people seemed to know much about it so I thought it would be a good idea to delve into it and present it to you in a video!
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My Reaction: Alec Baldwin as Thomas Wayne | Could we see Batman? | Joaquin Phoenix doesn’t care what fans think

In todays video I want to discuss the news that Alec Baldwin has been cast as Thomas Wayne in the Joker Origin film starring Joaquin Phoenix! Also I chat about Phoenix’s comments about not caring what fans think of his portray and finally I wonder if this means we could possibly see Bruce Wayne / Batman in the movie!

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Alec Baldwin Cast as Batmans Father in Joaquin Pheonix ‘Joker’ Film


Big news coming from DC today as its been revealed that Alec Baldwin has been cast as Thomas Wayne in the upcoming Joker Film Starring Joaquin Phoenix as the clown prince of crime.

According to The Hollywood Reporter Baldwins’ character will be “a cheesy and tanned businessman who is more in the mould of a 1980s Donald Trump”.

The movie is set to start filming on 4th October 2019 with a cast that also includes Robert De Niro, Zazie Beetz and Marc Maron


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So Mikey’s Movie World is almost a year old. (Time flies when your having fun!) and I want to thank you all for reading my reviews and liking my Facebook page. But time moves on and we can’t stand still so we are expanding, firstly I’m happy to announce that we now have a Podcast. The written reviews will continue but the podcast will be released every week (normally on a Friday) which I will keep you up to date with all the news and happenings in the movie industry and over time I hope to interview people working in the movie business. We also have a new Website where you can keep up to date with Mikey’s Movie World and finally we have a new Twitter page so there is plenty more on offer. I really hope you enjoy the new content and something I must mention but I can’t say too much just yet is on episode 4 of my new podcast scheduled to be released on 3rd March (only 9 days to go!) I have some very very exciting news so stay tuned for that. If you have any thoughts on what you’d like me to talk about on my next podcast or which movie I should review next don’t hesitate to comment on here or any of my social media pages.

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